Virtual Microscopy

Designed for middle school students to professionals, our high resolution images are perfect for all ages and stages of learning. PetroArc International provides exceptional quality service with world-class virtual microscopy. From eager young minds to seasoned professionals and scientists, we tailor virtual microscopy solutions for you.

Despite a brief history, the technologies of virtual microscopy and virtual slides have captured the imagination of many, especially this current crop of students. Having come of age in the computer and Internet age, this emerging group of technicians and researchers tends to display a distinct preference for virtual slides and virtual microscopes. With many pathologists, morphologists, and microscopists already putting the virtual microscope to work, it will soon replace the light microscope as the instrument of choice for many applications.

Of importance, image quality of the virtual slides as observed with the computer was equivalent to that of microscope glass slides viewed with the light microscope. Moreover, localization of structures on virtual slides with the virtual microscope was considerably more rapid than trying to find a particular structure on a microscope glass slide with a light microscope. As an added bonus, the virtual microscope software provided the ability to standardize and archive images for instruction, testing, and/or research.

Advantages of virtual microscopy and virtual slides:

• Once a virtual slide is created, unlimited number of copies of that slide are available
• Amendable to self-study outside the teaching laboratory.
• No need to maintain real microscopes and slides
• More magnification steps possible than most student microscopes
• Possibilities of continuous zoom effects
• Comparison of two images at the same time
• Possibility of increased information content (labels on the virtual slide)

Virtual slides are always in focus with ideal condenser and light adjustment, thus decreasing the student time and some of the frustration in operating a real microscope.

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