Virtual Microscopy and vMicro

vMicro™ software delivers a streamlined approach to virtual microscopy and virtual microscopes. Intended for academic and industrial applications, vMicro™ offers intuitive navigation and measurement of microscope slides to students and faculty members in an expedient manner. Multiply the utility of the ‘best’ class slides while you seamlessly move through perfectly focused microscope slides in a fraction of the time it takes to use a traditional microscope. Examine and compare entire sample suites, take advantage of the effective measurement tools to view and generate meaningful data, or use generated data to explore useful metrics.

  • Increase student participation and involvement in classroom material
  • Optimize set up time (sample distribution, focusing, troubleshooting) and increase teaching time
  • Provide teachers and students with synchronized slides simultaneously
  • Mitigate the cost of slides
  • Enhance microscope education and tasks
  • Reduce student to microscope ratios in the classroom

PetroArc International developed vMicro specifically as a teaching tool. vMicro™ is a Transmitted Light Microscope software combined with our high-resolution virtual slides. vMicro is in line with STEM and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

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